About us

Hoopler is a basic idea that aims to solve a serious challenge, improving the adoption of RSS feeds among non-technical users. Feeds are currently regarded as peripheral add-ons. We believe feeds should not be casual after-thoughts, but instead the core of many services. Every individual needs a feed. Instead of creating a feed for your blog, you should create a blog for your feed. That way, your data becomes portable and plug-and-play anywhere feeds are accepted.

Our goal is to be the one-stop shop for RSS feed creation, the word "hoop" is just the name of our feed "product". What you do with the feed is up to you; plug it in to some widget, blog, mixer, reader, or some other service not yet invented.

We feel RSS feeds have not yet gone mainstream because they're too technical, too complicated, and nobody really understands their usefulness. When Hoopler has solved the first 2 problems, many new feed based services will be created to support a larger, more diverse, user base and RSS will finally hit prime time.

Things you can do with a community hoop today:
  • Create the easiest "turn-key" Drudge-like website available anywhere
  • Send the hoop name to friends and everyone can contribute to the same hoop
  • Publish a custom news feed on your blog (using the wordpress plugin, or XML feed)
  • Archive interesting articles for future reference (with comments, tagging and searching!)
  • Synchronize bookmarks between different browsers, computers (using Firefox live bookmarks)
  • Use the hoop like a database for your website, manage the data here, use filtered XML feeds to populate your site.
  • More coming soon.

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